Saturday, March 29, 2008

Evid Based Med Table of Contents for 1 April 2008; Vol. 13, No. 2


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1 April 2008
In this email

Purpose and procedure
EBM notebook
Paul Glasziou

Paul Glasziou and Carl Heneghan

Jeremy D P Bland

Adnan J Al-Khuraibet
Richard Lehman
Kamlesh Bhargava

Arya M Sharma

Manjula Datta

Jeff Andrews

Wieslaw Oczkowski

Apoor S Gami

Mark Miller

Joel A Simon

Sherry Rohekar

Frank Sullivan

Steven Belknap

Barbara Liu

Angela M Cheung

Sophie A Jamal and Helen Emanoilidis

Sharon Straus

David Garcia

Christine McDonald

Quality improvement
Shally Awasthi
Resource reviews
Additional articles abstracted in ACP Journal Club
Other articles noted

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