Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Evid Based Med Table of Contents for 1 June 2007; Vol. 12, No. 3


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1 June 2007
In this email

Purpose and procedure
EBM notebook
Paul Glasziou

Mark D Schwartz, Deborah Dowell, Jaclyn Aperi, and Adina L Kalet

Richard Lehmann
Cory Baillie

Bruce E Hillner

Stephen A Wilson

Diego Ponieman and Thomas McGinn

David J Hunter and Barton Wise

Louis-Philippe Boulet

Kathleen Hoeger

Peter C Wyer

Bruce E Johnson

Richard J Saad and William D Chey

Morten Lindbaek

Henry S Sacks

Bernard Adelsberg

Michael Bogaisky and Rosanne M Leipzig

Paul Moayyedi
Claudio Giorlandino
Patrick G O’Malley
Clinical prediction guide
Edward P Havranek

Graeme J Hankey

Simon Hatcher
Resource review
John E Cornell and Valerie A Lawrence

Franz Porzsolt
Jørgen Hilden

Kashif M Qureshi, Scott Robbie, Shahram Kashani, and Peter Rose
Additional articles abstracted in ACP Journal Club
Other articles noted
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